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Living with a heart condition: Still breathless & fatigued 2 years post triple cabg

Share your stories and find out about how others are dealing with the day to day of living with a heart condition.
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Following bypass surgery and subsequent stroke, have adjusted to the new me.  Managed to return to work part-time but have to leave around 1pm as severe fatigue kicks in (told by papworth registrar my meds have a big part to play as on maximum dosages and not anything I can control as then my body needs to rest ).

Experience angina but now, because I am managing my life better  (as I was pushing too hard) the symptoms tend to show as breathless and tight chest, but if I don't stop to rest, this will develop into pain.  It also makes my fatigue worse.   It doesn't take much, climbing stairs, steep hill and sometimes get out of breath talking.  It's far worse in the cold weather.   My other complication is the more tired I get,  it makes some of the stroke symptoms worse (memory, getting words out, concentration).

Am under the refactory angina clinic  (as I have a high level of disease in the smaller vessels which can't be treated surgically ) who are looking at my recent scans and are apparently looking at spinal cord stimulation.  Am waiting for an appointment but wondered if anyone had similar experiences or symptoms or positive outcomes.

I'm only 44 and not ready to give in yet, although some days I really struggle at work, even part time (but would never admit that to them).