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Introductions: still got pains post MI and PCI

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Hi all

just finding my way around after having heart attack (MI) on 12 July 2012 and subsequently having one stent fitted  (PCI) on 18 July 2012

Still getting chest pains and have been back to hospital 3 times now.

each time all ECGs are ok and blood tests normal   they even did a repeat angio gram  to check for any problems but all ok

They suggested stomach problems but I am already on lansaporzale  and I have even taken gaviscon when got the pain but to no effect   the GTN sppray has little or no effect and the last time when waiting in A & E to be transferred to a ward whilst waiting blood test results  they gave me somemorphine IV to ease the pain  problem was they  only got  5 ml of the morphine in before the pain got to be wrose than when I went to hospital and they stopped the injection

any ideas on what is wrong ??? 

feel a fraud calling 999 etc when still got the chest pains even after taking 3 lots of GTN over a  20 min period only to spend 24 hours in hospital and told everything is ok

am now getting reluctant to call them again and waste everybodys time


hope someone can point me in the right direction

I have made an appointment to seemy GP but htat is not until next Monday

regards    Ron H


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Hi Ron,

Im sorry to hear about your recent problems.

I had an MI a year ago and 2 stents fitted. I had chest pains for a few months after, and was told it was just the stents settling in. What I had to keep reminding myself was although I didn't have open heart surgery, doctors still had been poking around in my heart with instruments. So Im thinking this could be your problem.???

I understand about feeling like a fraud calling for an ambulance so often. The week before my MI I had chest pains every day and I was in hospital 3 times for 12 hours per time and was told nothing is wrong then bang!! I had a heart attack. If you are in any doubt what so ever phone for one..better safe that sorry.

I hope you get to the bottom of it and the pain go away soon.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.



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thanks tracy  thats re assuring but still hav ehtis feeling  I am wwating the hospital and doctors; time by "complaining of pain"

understand about ther pain form them poking around -- it was explained to me whilst in Sheffield hospital but they said pain would only last a few days

so am still going to be unhappy about calling 999 if ge th echest pains/ sweatimg etc



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Hi Ron,

Welcome to the Community. I'm really sorry to read that after having your heart attack and stent insertion you are still experiencing symptoms and can understand why you might feel you are wasting everyone's time. I am keen to reassure you though that you are doing the right thing. It is important to rule out that your symptoms are not due to another heart attack and it is great news that you haven't had another one.

I am pleased you have made an appointment to see your GP as your symptoms do need further investigation. In the meantime it is important to continue what you are doing when you experience symptoms, taking the GTN spray and calling 999 if it doesn't work. Feel free to phone our Helpline if you would like to speak with a cardiac nurse in the meantime.

All the best and I hope you get a diagnosis and treatment for your symptoms.


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Hi Maureen

Thanks for the re assurance that I am doing the right thing   will call the helpline and chat to a cardio nurse  this  may help with several things that are going on 

there is talk between my local cardio team / hospital / GP re medications

currently on 40mg astorvastatin but local cardio and hospital say 80 mg is the norm  but following a phone call the cardio team said about increasing my valsartan from 160 to 320 mg per day. as well

  this seems to be the suggested max    my BP  is very well controlled normally about 120 / 75

so concerned about meds being raised to max dose ---   another thing for discussion with my GP.

finally  was hoping the cardio support would be better than appear to be getting  

the theory about all the support  is nice but the reality is not so good  

in these early days post MI when there are so many questions it  would be nice to be able to meet members of the team or even chat to people in similar position for suport

but all have had so far is one meeting with cardio nurse and given the heart manual.....

would love to chat to physio about exercise etc and also the physcologist re depression and low moods .


many thanks  for all the support so far


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hi all  just an update

had a longish chat with someone on the helpline who reiterrated the bit about "

if you get chest pains take the spray etc and it doesn't go to call 999"

so still keeping that in mind

been to my GP today and spent 35 mins in appointment  ( appts are normalyy 15 mins max)

but was suffering chest pains at the time and sweting profusely, so GP had chance to see I  was genuinely suffering.

had long discussion about having  cardio probs being ruled out by my last angio on 3rd August

the thought now is either coronary artery spasm or something gastric / oesophogus so bee upped on lansaprozole to twice a day  added domperidone 3 times a day plus gaviscon advance 4 times a day    the idea being if it is gastric then that should "kill it" 

had my first two  lots ot domeridone adn gaviscon and two lots of lansaprozole  no real improvement 

resorted to taking gtn 3 times which eased the pain  ( no 999 call yet) and30/500 co codamol

still got niggling pain but just sticking with it for now

going to give it a week to see if things improve

will keep discussion  up to date with changes



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 I hope this helps in someway, I had heart attack 15 months ago and had 3 emergency stents inserted. I had chest pains from the word go, I went back to hospital on two occassions convinced I was having another attack but nothing showed up on any of the tests they gave me. Over the following months I saw the specialist and my own doctor a few times and underwent a treadmill test to see if the pains were heart related but all the results were negative. I had my medication tweeked a few times and this helped but it was 10 months before I had my first pain free day. Now I am as right as rain and actually feel better than I have for many years. I would say its very early days yet so don't expect miracles too soon just stick with it give it a bit more time and keep your doctor informed and I'm sure in time you will get through it. Good luck.

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Neil you have just re assured me too - thank you xx

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HI you guys,

I too have 2 stents fitted (july and September) and having the same anxious feelings over chest "niggles". I got myself into a right old state, went to the doctor , who took blood and did a heart trace( both ok)

she upped the dossage on my betablocker, which she said would lower my bp and help calm me down.

still feel anxious, and still getting the odd twinge (real or imaginary)

so what a relief to stumble upon you guys, and realise I'm not alone!

especially like the post from Neil who says it took 10 months to settle down,and now he's as "right as rain"

I find that so reassuring!!

all the very best to you all, keep on getting better!


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Hi all,

I had my MI in August and had one stent fitted, afterwards with every twinge I felt anxious to the point where I was convinced that it was happening again. I was prescribed Fluoxetine which after 20 days made me feel worse, I started shaking, sweating and was so anxious that I thought I was going mad. I came off the Fluoxetine and realised that I needed to control my thoughts, its been difficult but day by day I'm getting there. I still get palpitations but dismiss them and still get mild pains in the chest but they soon go. It seems that I was putting myself in a perpetual loop with worry. I feel now that my recovery is well under way. 

Good Luck to you all





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well done paul,

half the battle is the feeling you're getting there!